Friday, 31 October 2014

LPC: Gare Frigorifique Bercy

So continuing the mission of walking the WHOLE petite ceinture, I carried on where I left off from the previous (and rather intensive) weekend, here- near porte de Vincennes. After walking for what felt like hours last weekend, though in reality that was probably due to spending all night underground, we just weren't able to carry on any longer! 

I have collect a few pictures here to share with you... Because I am seriously not good at organisation, I have not done the ones from before yet! 

I love a good stretch of railway.

Look closely- this one has a mouse face.

There was even an abandoned train, sadly it was otherwise occupied.

We got chased out of here by a squatter. Needless to say it wasn't a very successful visit, mostly we had to keep a distance, despite the frustratingly unlocked gates and doors everywhere.

This is a side view of the station which you can see from the road. We had our picnic lunch on a piece of track on a bridge over the grimey Seine where we found this: 

Moss art! It means storm I believe, just made me think of The Tempest.

More to come soon (enjoying the bad English here).

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