Monday, 24 November 2014

Return to the UK: Brief Urbex around Kent Pt. I

I left the beautiful (and at times grimey) Paris for a few days for the rather grey, wet and cold Canterbury. The trip was primarily for graduation, and because I feel I deserve bragging rights for my feat I'm going inform you all- I got a distinction in my MA, yeahhhh. I did it. Despite the distractions of living in Paris. Anyways, I couldn't not go back without breaking out the cameras, boots and thick jumpers, and calling up a mate or two to go do some exploring. The latter was only figuratively, I can't call anyone up in England since my phone has decided not to accept any calls whilst I am in the UK and only occasionally lets me receive texts. Joys of technology. But here are some snaps.

I don't know why I like this one so much, but I do. This place had a lot of (sometimes idiotic) words on it. Look at my instagram feed for some of the more dumb phrases I found. These willl be gradually posted.

These stairs were a tad mysterious I feel.

"Stay Down Stairs!" Ehhh, no? Instead we carried on, hopped the wall and got on the roof. 


Jelly fish?

"Come Live with Me" ? Not entirely sure. Looks like "Line" to me but that makes little sense. But nor does it make sense to leave threats to stay downstairs followed by something that amounts to "stay here with me".

"Hail Discordia

Just some outbuilding I wanted to peek in.

Some more interior shots.

We went on some more missions in Kent that day before the sun ran away, but I will save them for another post, so stay tuned....

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