Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The Day After the All-Nighter in the Catas: La Petite Ceinture

So because I have absolutely no respect for my legs when they wake up and say "Nope,  not today. Not after you spent all night crawling in the Catas, you can't surely expect to be able to walk four hours down la petite ceinture". Well apparently I do. And we did. After not very much sleep we set off to knock another chunk off the map, and I am so glad we did. Maybe this is one of my favourite sections, it was certainly the most interesting, and worth pushing past the achy-ness for. Even if I did get stuck on top of a fence when my legs TOTALLY gave up on me.

This seemed like an appropriate photo to start with, because I really can't get away from the LPC...!

Some close up details of the sides of the station (pictured further down).

 The station, now La Flech d'Or, a music venue.

My companion for the weekend (who agreed to join me on his only spare day in Paris trekking down the tracks!),

Another close up.

I found the way this part had been decorated really interesting, and as a result took way too many pictures! However, moving on to the next station...

This bit was full of people practicing street art, so we didn't hang around long. My appalling French is not up to par with engaging in conversations about such things.

This guy had a pretty spiffing hat, shame he moved so fast I wasn't able to get a decent shot.

We then seemed to hit a section full of pandas, and love and clovers. And "Rain is Pink". I am not too sure what they were on when they wrote that.!

I leave you with one such panda: Be Lucky he says.

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