Friday, 30 May 2014

Rue des Thermopyles Jardin en Fête

Over the last few months the local community here on rue des Thermopyles (where I have lived for the last five months in an artist's commune I have semi-affectionately dubbed "The Rabbit Warren") have been renovating a forgotten park that was in need of some love and affection; yesterday they had the opening and the whole street was invited. 
Gardin party!

Photos of the project.

The sense of community was fantastic and I have never felt like I was in such a "French" atmosphere, they sang local songs, danced and we ate homemade food. It was a great experience, even if talking to my neighbours was problematic due to my lack of useful French.

Thankfully they left behind some markers of the previous site, such as remnants of the graffiti, which adds to the eco-urban feel of the square and sense of individual personality. Rue des Thermopyles is such a unique street, to make its parc a uniform green space would have been a true shame.

I have been staring in through the bars for weeks watching the progress and it was great to finally get behind them, especially to reach the little blue and red man who I have been dying to get a photo of (you know how it is, when you are literally barred from something, you will want it/in no matter what).

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