Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Street Art 13: A Street Art Walk Around the 13th

My most recent ambles around Paris involved a street art walk around the 13th arrondissement of Paris, using this map we followed a trail of art and it was truly stunning. I have very little sense of direction so I had to rely on my trusty friend and his iPad (I am really quite bad when it comes to technology also).

These were the first two we saw, both are by Seth, the trademark blue hair (of which I am jealous of) is telling. 

This one was particularly interesting because the face was not painted on but cut away from the plaster, and was made by the sculptor Vhils (Alexandre Farto). Below is a piece by Inti.

Below, The Alapinta Crew, Aner and Maher, from Temuco and Villarrica, represent the vitality of a Chilean Mapuche lands in this graffiti. 

Below left is a mural by Obey (Shepard Fairey), below right is just a pretty view of the church at Place d'Italie that I risked taking whilst standing in the middle of a road!

Above by C125.

 This rather cute cat (above left) is another example of C215's work, above right M-City.

Below, Jana et Js, a duo of photographers looming over rue Jeanne d'Arc. Above is of course Obey's work from behind the bridge, as I rather like industrial bridges I could not resist this picture. 

Above is another by C215 and this one was easily my favourite. Birds, feathers, stunning colours… Its just incredible. We by no means exhausted the map and only explored a small section of it, however when we came to the end of the section we wanted to explore that day, we came upon a WIP (below). I would strongly recommend exploring the 13th, it really is worth what became a very long walk...

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